Other work

A Visual Diary of Us (2019)

A Visual Diary of Us tells the story of a new and growing romantic relationship and how the camera’s presence affects it. The book works as a visual reminder of the « honeymoon phase » of a couple and aspires to remind the viewer of a relationship they’ve been in.


Israël & Palestine (2019)

Using archives, photos I took, and objects from Israël and Palestine, I created each spread as a narrative between images.


Personal work

Here’s a few images I took along the years and travels.

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kusttram_300421_103 copie
Photo27_32-3 copie
FH000019 copie 2
FH000018-2 copie 2
mer.knokke_01 copie
FH000004-2 copie 2
CNV00105 copie 2
FH000003-3 copie
Beaufort, France, 2022
CNV00088 copie 2
CNV00087 copie 2
CNV00075 copie
000010 copie
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