Des Falaises, Du Vent (XYZ Books, 2024)

When she cannot word her feelings, Zoé de Meulemeester expresses herself through images. When she is lost, she turns to women around her. 
Accumulating images from every day and everywhere, these women appeared very clearly in her work. Their energy is intangible, fragile, and delicate. But it’s blowing in the wind, whistling along the cliffs and enveloping the artist with sorority. 
This theater of nostalgia and melancholy finds its place in every moment, artwork or person that the photographer needed to capture. Taken by this creative urge when looking at something or someone beautiful, Des Falaises, Du Vent is a step towards her understanding of femininity – and more generally gender – that she struggles to grasp.


Y a-t-il un autre village sur terre ? (2023)


The Kari Mason project (2020)

This book recreates the life of Kari Mason, the owner of an agenda found in a antique store. Found images as well as family archives were used to illustrate some of her events from 1972. The concertina form and chronological order of the images reflect the linear passing of a year.


La Promenade Verte : Documents & Reflexions (2022)

This book is the result of the work La Promenade Verte . In this project, one of the objectives was to have a reflection on my photography practice. This book contains its written form. Each section of the path is documented and all the contact sheets are included and commented on. This aims to show a more reel and concrete aspect of the photographic work. It was presented in an exhibition alongside framed photographs.